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We are a specialized recruiting firm providing software developers, software architects, and software engineers for growing companies. You may already have a search firm or two in your network, but our lean, specialized approach, equates to a service that is second to none. We are always cultivating and developing relationships with top candidates. These highly coveted candidates are looking for forward thinking, high net businesses, that are creating new industry standards.
STOP wasting time with average candidates, and let us prove our value. There is no risk. Clients only pay after we provide the one person that will push your company to reach their full potential.  Our clients understand the best software developers, software architects, and software engineers provide solutions to problems that average candidates couldn’t.
In order to develop  business, we are allowing  new clients to set our fee, 0% - 33% of the first years base salary. After you hire the perfect fit.  STOP wasting time with average and let us show you our strong network of candidates ready to engage on exciting opportunities. 
We are wishing your business continued success!

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